Lunch Menu

Baltic´s lunch

Cold smoked salmon  served with asparagus & mustard sauce.

Tenderloin steak served with mushrooms a la creme.

Danish Brie served with grapes.

Kr. 195.00

 Parisian steak served with pickles, egg yolk, onion, beetroot & planed horseradish.

Kr. 165.00

Startrek meuniere fried & steamed plaice fillet served on butter fried bread with sea cooked shrimp, smoked salmon from own oven, asparagus & red dressing.

Kr. 175.00

Fresh pasta wrapped in homemade pesto, served with parmesan flakes, crispy ham & glazed almonds

Kr. 165.00

Omelette served with plenty of bacon, home-pickled beets, mustard, chives,& homemade rye bread.

Kr. 125.00